ATTUD the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependency  

Tobacco Conferences & Meetings

Some meetings may be restricted. Listing is not an endorsement by ATTUD
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Oct.. 17 - 21 Ann Arbor, MI TTS Entry and Master’s level training (in collaboration with University of Mass Training Program)
Oct. 17 - 21

New Brunswick, NJ   Rutgers 5-Day Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training (

Oct. 19 Presque Isle, ME, TTS training (         
Nov. 2 Auburn, ME, TTS training (
Nov. 7-11 Rochester, MN, TTS Training (
Nov. 17 Bangor, ME  TTS training (
Nov. 17-18

New Brunswick, NJ, Treating Tobacco in Behavioral Health Settings (

Jan. 11 Portland, ME TTS training (     
Feb. 3 Duquesne University for “The Courage to Quit facilitator” webinar (available for up to 1 week following recording if you are unable to be present). You must be a TTS to participate in this training to lead “The Courage to Quit” group smoking cessation classes  (
Feb. 6 - 10 New Brunswick, NJ   CTTS training (
Feb. 6 South Portland, ME TTS training (     
March 3 Augusta, ME TTS training (     
March 6-8 Duquesne University Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS) training program   (
March 8-11 Florence, Italy, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Annual Meeting (
March 15 Belfast, ME  TTS training (    
March 22-24

Austin, Texas, National Conference on Tobacco or Health (

April 3 - 6

 Worcester, MA, Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training ( )

May 1-5 New Brunswick, NJ   CTTS training (