ATTUD the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependency  

Tobacco Conferences & Meetings

Some meetings may be restricted. Listing is not an endorsement by ATTUD
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Sept 10-12 Maastricht, NE SRNT Europe (
Sept 21- 25 Anchorage, AK, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)TTS Training (
Sept 25 Fairlee. VT   KoopTobacco Tx Conference (
Sept- 28 - Oct 1 Worcester, MA, Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training (  
Sept 28- Oct 2 Rochester, MN, TTS Training ( )
Oct 5-8 Dundee, UK, Addiction from Biology to Recovery (
Oct 5-9

New Brunswick, NJ   TTS Training (

Oct 12-15 Aurora, CO   CTTS Training (
Oct 19-22 Pittsburgh, PA, TTS Training Oct. 19-21, 2015 Pittsburgh, PA (
Oct 19-22 Ann Arbor MI    University of Michigan MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service with University of Massachusetts Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) Core Certification Training (
Oct 19-24 Jackson MS   CTTS Training
Nov 2-4

Tallahassee, FL  Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training:  3-Day Foundation Course (

Nov 12-13 New Brunswick, NJ Tx Tobacco in Mental Health Settings (
Nov 13

Portland, ME, Cognitive Beh Tx in Tx (

Nov 16-20 Rochester, MN, TTS Training (
April 4 - 7

Worcester, MA  Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training (

May 23-24 Global Tobacco Dependence Treatment Summit, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN