Theresa HankinBehavioral Health Committee
Emphasis on Disparate Populations

Theresa Hankin RRT, CTTS,
Upstate Cancer Center, Syracuse,


Lesa Abney, James Brawner, Deborah (Hudson) Buckles, Michelle Paisley, David Macmaster, Kimberly Richter,Kayla Shu, Kim Jordan and Matthew Schrock

This Committee’s goal is to strengthen collaborative relationships among tobacco dependence, mental health, and addiction treatment stakeholders in order to influence the development of agency, state and national policies and resources that promote the treatment of tobacco use and dependence among persons with mental illness and substance use disorders or behavioral health. In addition, the Committee has identified other populations with higher smoking prevalence, such as: corrections, military and veterans, and disabled to create or coordinate enhanced interventions and policy to reduce their disparities regarding tobacco use

Chris Kotsen, PsyD, CTTBusiness Practices

Co-chairs, Chris Kotsen and Michael Steinberg

Chris Kotsen, PsyD, CTTS, NCTTP
Associate Attending Psychologist
Associate Director, Tobacco Treatment Program
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



Chris Kotsen, PsyD, CTTDr. Michael Steinberg
Rutgers Tobacco Dependence Program






Members: Chris Kotsen, Joelle Fathi, Maher Karam-Hage, Laurel Sisler, Erika Bloom,
Mike Steinberg, Mike Burke

Karma Bryan

Communication Committee
Co-chairs, Lisa Maggio and Karma Bryan
Dr. Karma Bryan
Salvation Army




Lisa Maggio
Genentech Bio Oncology


Members: Angela Brumley-Shelton

This committee is responsible for formulating and preparing the program for conferences sponsored by ATTUD. It also oversees the development and implementation of any publications and communications such as a journal, listserv, website, newsletter, etc.