ATTUD is an organization of providers dedicated to the promotion of and increased access to evidence-based tobacco treatment for the tobacco user.






National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice. ATTUD endorses this new national certificate, which was created in collaboration with NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, and the Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs (CTTTP). For more information, visit the NAADAC website. Many of your questions may be answered by the details included on the application form.


The NCTTP was created to standardize and unify tobacco competencies, knowledge, and skills on a national level and provides national, unified recognition of professionals who obtain this prestigious certificate. By obtaining the NCTTP, tobacco treatment professionals are demonstrating to employers, third-party payers, and clients their advanced education in evidence-based tobacco competencies, skills, and practice.

To apply for the certificate, candidates must provide evidence of specific education and experience, including successful completion of a An Accredited Tobacco Treatment Training Program and hours of tobacco treatment practice experience following completion of the training. In addition, candidates must be tobacco-free for a minimum of six months and must agree to adhere to the Tobacco Treatment Provider Code of Ethics. A full list of specific eligibility and application requirements can be found on the NCTTP web page

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ATTUD endorses recommendations for the simplification of smoking status and exposure to tobacco smoke in electronic health records. We have sent these recommendations to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at HHS and encourage our members to incorporate these into their treatment settings.

Substantial comments by ATTUD’s Business Practices Committee to FDA regarding the safety and efficacy of NRT.

The Business Practices Committee, under the leadership of chair Chris Kotsen, PsyD, CTTS and in conjunction with the Board of Directors, submitted substantial comments to the Food and Drug Administration regarding approach to evaluating the safety and efficacy of nicotine replacement therapy products. Please take a few minutes to read our comments.

In response to proposed action by the National Quality Forum (NQF), ATTUD sent a letter drafted by the business practices committee to the NQF and CMS requesting they not remove the NQF-endorsed Joint Commission Tobacco Measures (TOB 1, 2, and 3) from the Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Quality Reporting Program (IPFQR).

The ATTUD board of directors submitted a letter to DHHS after a request for comment in support of coverage for nicotine dependence treatment.

Matt Bars, Carol Southard

ATTUD president Matt Bars, MS, CTTS and member Carol Southard, RN, MSN both testified before the FDA in favor of making changes to cessation medication warning labels based on the EAGLES trial.

Statement by the ATTUD Business Practices Committee regarding Lung Cancer Screening
A position paper to help guide providers and programs in advocating for specialist tobacco dependence treatment in the context of Lung Cancer Screening. [more]

An Interdisciplinary Response to a Tobacco Cessation Case Vignette
(Morris,CD, Richardson, DL, Loewen, JL, Vanheest, LC, Brumley-Shelton, A & Feo, MT. Journal of Smoking Cessation, doi.10.1017/jsc.2016.9). A publication by the ATTUD interdisciplinary committee in support of an interdisciplinary approach to addressing tobacco dependence. [more]

Barriers to the Use of Smoking Cessation Medications.
A white paper written by ATTUD and SRNT on the safety and efficacy of cessation medications in support of the FDA petition.

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s report describing the effects of tobacco use on health. The Health Consequences of Smoking-50 Years of Progress
This report provides a useful summary of the effects of exposure to tobacco smoke, both directly and indirectly.


ATTUD Newsletter
Spring 2020

New National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice application is now available

See several recent publications on TTS training and billing by some of our ATTUD members.