Specialized Committees

Behavioral Health Committee, Emphasis on Disparate Populations    


 Theresa Hankin RRT, CTTS  Chair


Upstate's Cancer Center, Syracuse, NY





Members: Kayla Hsu, Deborah Hudson Buckles, James Brawner and Lesa Abney

This Committee’s goal is to strengthen collaborative relationships among tobacco dependence, mental health, and addiction treatment stakeholders in order to influence the development of agency, state and national policies and resources that promote the treatment of tobacco use and dependence among persons with mental illness and substance use disorders or behavioral health. In addition, the Committee has identified other populations with higher smoking prevalence, such as: corrections, military and veterans, and disabled to create or coordinate enhanced interventions and policy to reduce their disparities regarding tobacco use.

Business Practices

Chris Kotsen, PsyD, CTT

Chris Kotsen, PsyD, CTTS, NCTTP (Co-Chair)

Associate Attending Psychologist
Associate Director, Tobacco Treatment Program
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center



Chris Kotsen, PsyD, CTTDr. Michael Steinberg MD, MPH (Co-Chair)

Rutgers Tobacco Dependence Program




Members: Chris Kotsen, Joelle Fathi, Maher Karam-Hage, Laurel Sisler, Erika Bloom,
Mike Steinberg, Mike Burke

Communication Committee

Karma Bryan

Karma Bryan, RN, PhD, NCTTP (Chair)

Salvation Army





Members: Dr Mohammed Bala, Caroline Cranos, Jennifer Greyber, Dr Surabhi Somani.

This committee is responsible for formulating and preparing the program for conferences sponsored by ATTUD. It also oversees the development and implementation of any publications and communications such as a journal, listserv, website, newsletter, etc.

International Relations Committee

Dr. Wael Abd El Meguid

Wadi ElNeel Hospital, Cairo, Egypt




Members: Kim Richter (Kansas, USA), Mira Baghi (India), Sidney Pratt, (Costa Rica))

This committee shall represent the large numbers of tobacco treatment providers outside of the United States, and to ensure the interest of non-US members are represented to the Board of Directors and in the corporation’s activities.

 Interdisciplinary Committee

Maher Karam-Hage, MD (Co-Chair)

Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Texas




Jill Loewen, RDA, BS, MSJill Loewen, RDA, BS, MS (Co-Chair)

University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry




This committee shall represent the interests of the many disciplines that provide treatment to tobacco users, ensure both the interests of all professions and disciplines are represented and ensure that members are treated with respect regardless of treatment discipline

Inter-Agency Committee

Thomas Payne

Thomas Payne PhD, NCTTP
PhD Clinical Psychology
Univ of MS Medical Cntr, ACT Center for Tobacco Treatment, Education & Research





The Inter-Agency Relations Committee shall consist of at least 3 members. This committee shall represent the interests of ATTUD in our ongoing and future collaborations with other professional organizations regarding certification in tobacco dependence treatment. The committee reports to the Board of Directors. The chair of this committee shall serve a two-year term and shall become a voting member of the Board of Directors.

Members shall participate in meetings and other collaborative work to ensure a certification process that is valid, sustainable and represents the interests of our organization and members. The chair shall report regularly to the Board of Directors.

Membership Committee








This Committee is responsible for recruiting full and associate members, establishment of the appropriate criteria for membership, overseeing the processing of applications for admission to membership, and passing upon the qualifications of applicants. The membership committee is also responsible for reviewing allegations of unethical conduct of members or conduct that contravenes the stated goals of ATTUD, and, if necessary, for administering the provisions for revocation of membership specified in the by-laws.


Policy Committee

Matthew Bars MS, CTTS

Fire Department of the City of NY Tobacco Treatment Program
Jersey City Medical Center IQuit Tobacco Program



Members: Jay Taylor, Jonathan Foulds, Greg Seward, Carol Southard, Audrey Darville, Lavonza Holliman

The policy committee monitors potential policy actions that could influence the mission of ATTUD and, when appropriate, recommends actions to the Board of Directors.  The committee also recommends new policy initiatives and has a written process for how policy actions are determined by ATTUD.

Training Issues Committee

Angela Brumley-Shelton M.A., MPHMaureen O'Brian

Lexington-Fayette County Health Dept.






This committee shall explore and investigate issues related to the improvement of training and continuing education of tobacco cessation treatment providers. Emphasis shall be placed on (a) identifying standards of practice for Tobacco Treatment Specialists; (b) ongoing communication with the membership in order to identify key training issues; and (c) developing activities that serve the training needs of the membership.


Ad Hoc TTS Credentialing/Reimbursement Committee 

  Audrey Darville PhD, APRN, NCTTP, FAANP 

  University of Kentucky BREATHE 



 Members: Matt Bars, Maher Karam-Hage, Tom Payne, Mike Steinberg, Chris Kotsen, Caroline Cranos and Lindsey White.

This committee is investigating TTS credentialing and reimbursement