The ATTUD Listserv is intended to facilitate communication among the membership regarding scientific and administrative issues. Every ATTUD member is automatically added to the listserv, messages posted will go out to all addresses. A reply of any type ("reply", or "reply all") to a message that originated on the listserv will go to everyone. To email only the individual that sent the initial message, you will need to use the "forward" function and enter their personal email address. 

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According to our Members:

"The listserv is an amazing resource for information from a wide array of knowledgeable people in the Tobacco Treatment field, and the responses are nearly instantaneous!"

"It allows me to connect with other professionals."

ATTUD Listserv How-To:

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ATTUD Listserv Guidelines:

This list is confidential to ATTUD members only. Posts should not be shared beyond the LISTSERV. This listserv is not moderated and messages posted represent only the views of the individuals posting. ATTUD does not endorse the accuracy of any "statements." To keep this listserv communicative and educational, please abide by the following guidelines:

  • Messages should be of sufficient professional interest or importance that they warrant delivery to the other users of the listserv.
  • Members are expected to only post a message to the list if there is a substantial contribution to the discussion.
  • Members are discouraged from simply voicing agreement with a statement or to simply echo a particular sentiment (e.g., "I agree", "Bravo", "me too", or "send me that too!").
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  • Messages must be civil and professional in tone.
  • Redistribution, electronically or otherwise, of any material posted is not permitted without the express written permission of all involved authors.
  • Messages must be signed with the author's full name and institutional or professional affiliation at the end of the message.
  • Complaints regarding member(s) inappropriate use of the Listserv will be reviewed by the Communications Committee, and if required, referred to the Board of Directors.